Fuji HVLP Spray System T70 and T75G Series Spray Tip

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Fuji HVLP Spray System T70 and T75G Series Spray Tip Fuji HVLP Spray System T70 and T75G Series Spray Tip

Fits Fuji's T70 and T75G HVLP Spray Guns

The standard Aircap set size is 1.3mm for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex, water based coatings and more. Fuji Spray aircaps are designates as High Efficiency. Fuji R & D utilized computer Fluid Dynamics programs that yielded data suggesting improvements could be made to the angles and hole sizes in the Aircap. Once samples were made and tested, the Aircaps exceeded all expectations. The High-Efficency Aircaps provide the user with a cleaner spray pattern that results in less overspray and mist in the air.

A cleaner spray pattern amounts to less overspray. Less Overspray = More Savings!

Color Coding of T-Series aircap sizes is used to make aircap selection and changes much easier.
What Fuji has done is reduce the width of the actual fan pattern. If we take a vertical pattern, the height (lets say 9) stays exactly the same, but the width of the H, compared to standard Aircaps is much less. Whats the advantage of a thinner-width fan pattern? Well, as you know, when you spray across a board, as you come off the edge, particles are spraying into the air and adding to the overspray (mist) in the air. But you have to continue holding down the trigger until you finally pass over the edge of the board. You cannot stop at the edge of the board but must follow through past the board. The wider the width of the fan pattern, the longer it takes to pass off the edge of the board. It is this extra width of fan pattern that is adding to the number of airborne particles with each pass. It becomes even more significant when you realize how many times you pass over the edge of a board when spraying a cabinet or piece of furniture. The Fuji High-Efficiency Aircap is an exclusive feature from Fuji.

Price: $59.40

Select Spray Tip Size:
#1 - 0.8mm
#2 - 1.0mm
#3 - 1.3mm
#4 - 1.5mm
#5 - 1.8mm
#6 - 2.0mm
#7 - 2.5mm

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